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Our Services

Our groups focus is to provide intervention, teach strategies and assist your child in meeting goals in order to achieve academic success.

We provide the following services in a warm, friendly and comfortable on line setting:

           -  Audiological Screening

           - Central Auditory Processing Evaluations

           - Therapeutic Intervention for Children  Who Have Been Diagnosed With     
             Auditory & Language Processing Disorder

           - Assistive Listening Devices for School & Home 

           - Consultation Services to Parents Attending IEP Meetings

           - Our Attendance at CPSE & CSE Meetings Can Be Arranged

Complimentary Screening For Your Child

We also offer a complimentary screening to determine if your child may be at risk of having an auditory processing disorder or require additional evaluation to determine the areas in which your child is having difficulty.  

Our screening assessment is a norm referenced screening for children ages 3 through 
6 years old. The screening will provide early identification of children at risk for auditory processing difficulties as well as early identification of children at risk for reading difficulties. As mentioned above, this screening is also useful in determining if your child requires further evaluation to comprehensively assess the areas in which your child is having difficulty.

 Early Identification is the Key to Success

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